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Rebecca Olkowski

I’m Rebecca Forstadt Olkowski. This is my personal blog and includes musings about business, re-invention, pursuing  passion and stuff that strikes my fancy. I’m a blogger, a voice over actor, Baby Boomer, Internet Entrepreneur and a mom to 2 kids in their twenties and 2 puppies.  This site is my directory to all things Rebecca.

I’ve reinvented myself more than a few times, but that makes life fun.

For many years I focused solely on becoming an actress in Los Angeles.  I  actually starred in 2 movies! One was with the amazing Ruth Gordon, and the other with Kate Mulgrew.  OK,. . .  they weren’t A movies . . . not even B . . .   but I had fun.  After having 2 kids, I moved full time into voice overs.  I happened to be blessed with a very young sounding voice and am well known as the voice of hundreds of cartoon characters for film and TV, including the voice of Minmei, in the 1980′s hit anime series Robotech.  My partial resume can be viewed at the Internet Movie Database under my stage name of Rebecca Forstadt.   I’m a longtime member of SAG-AFTRA. After becoming a widow at the age of 47, I came to the realization that acting, alone, was not predictable enough to sustain me and my family.  Multiple  income streams are a must.  I believe this is true for practically everyone, and most especially for women.

I got my feet wet as an entrepreneur in the direct sales field, achieving a top 2% position as a director in a well known cosmetic company and earned the use of 3 career cars!  The company I was a part of is well known for offering amazing entrepreneurial training and I was hooked on working for myself rather than having a traditional JOB.  Even though direct sales did not become my ultimate destiny, I am grateful everyday for not only the training and support it offered, but also the positive mindset it cultivated, which is the reason that company has remained so successful for over 45 years.

Later,  I discovered another organization with a similar cooperative philosophy called CEO Space.  Entrepreneurs, professionals, various business owners, inventors, authors, speakers, etc., get together 5 times per year for week long transactional forums.  I’ve been able to hang out with some amazing people including Les Brown, Bob Proctor, Mark Victor Hanson, Berny Dohrmann, Eric Lofholm, Alex Mandossian, and hundreds of others. They are all members, and when they are at our forums, they are there to interact and give back.  We sit with them like buddies and create strong relationships.  CEO Space is a sort of tribe where everyone supports each other in a spirit of cooperative capitalism and non competitiveness.

An avid blogger, I soon discovered that I was pretty good at setting up WordPress blogs.  Not bad for someone who grew up before the Internet took over the world.  I decided to create my own business helping other entrepreneurs and individuals promote their passions online by helping them set up and operate their WordPress websites.  It’s  called Sharp Biz Image.   I’m having a ball with it,  and have been honored to work with extraordinary entrepreneurs and  projects, many of whom are members of CEO Space.  Who knew a basically creative person like me,   was secretly a techno -geek?  I am also developing a sister site specifically for Baby Boomers who want to learn to blog.  It’s called Blogging Boomers.

I’m also a BIG TIME #FOODIE who loves to eat, stay healthy and not be deprived at the same time.  My passion blog is called Baby Boomster.  How to Live Longer and Feel Groovy Eating the Foods You LUV!

Now that my wonderful kids have grown up and have flown the coop, I moved up in the hills of LA with a guy and my two doggies, where I work at home.  I plan to do much more traveling,  enjoy wine tasting and gourmet treats, chocolate, networking and having fun in general!

You can’t have a lifestyle until you have a life . . . right?

Mine is constantly  evolving and getting better.  I hope yours is too.

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